How Many Of These Sites Do You Use?

These are great sites that can deliver a flood of traffic, if you use them right. But I'm willing to bet, they're probably not doing that for you?

Viral Adcardz
Tron Bannerz
Hit Monkey
Buckets of Banners
TS 25
Traffic G

Most Traffic Sites only really work for the owners. They build a big list of users who keep coming back, but they don't really care if you actually get much traffic... let alone whether or not it converts.

Some sites like the ones above, really can work... but only if you make a few changes and work a little smarter. Here's how you can use these sites to drive ever-increasing hands-free traffic...

  • First we select a batch of traffic sites that are actually worth the effort to use!
  • We connect those through a Viral Ad system so we can promote them all together
    AND grow each program's downline independently as well.
  • We create one simple page to promote the system... yep, it looks just like this one!
  • We throw in a couple of simple monetization strategies for good measure...
  • Then just prime the system and let it run!

If it sounds too easy, you're right! Traffic doesn't need to be complicated and neither does making money online.

Both should be simple. If someone is making it sound really complicated then they're probably just trying to sell you something that is seriously over-priced!

We'll this approach I'm sharing with you is 100% free and I can show you exactly how to implement it right now. If you've got a few minutes now, keep on reading, or else bookmark this page and call back later.

You honestly don't want to let this one get away!

Create Your Own Viral Traffic System RIGHT NOW

Step 1. 10-20 minutes.

Create All Your Accounts

Just set up an account on any of these sites that you don't already have... register, confirm your email and grab your referral link. Make sure you have your referral links ready for any sites you already use.

Step 2. 10-20 minutes.

Set Up Stacked Program Ads

Click on the AdCardz banner above and create an Ad for the first of these programs. You want to write the Ad headline and body as if you were sending people to the actual traffic site, except you're going to send them to this page first.

This way instead of shooting for a single signup, you could get seven, and either way you'll be growing your entire system. Submit the Ad, confirm your email and get your direct link to the new Ad. Open that page and create an Ad for the next program.

Repeat the process of clicking the direct link to create the next Ad each time, so when you get to the last one, that page will show all six of your Ads at the top of the page. Save that last link for the next step...

Step 3. 20-30 Minutes.

Steal This Page!

You have my permission to make your own copy of this page. If your website is Wordpress, you can copy and paste the text into the editor and format it to your liking. If it's HTML, you might find it easier to view source and copy that instead.

Either way, spend a little time tweaking the layout so it looks good and ideally a little different to the original. It will also hel pyour SEO if you rewrite some of the text in your own words.

Most important of all thought, is to swap out my links for yours. You can use the same image URLs but do make sure you are sending visitors to your own affiliate links!

Step 4. Three minutes.

Create An Ad For Your New Page!

Open your final Ad link and create one more ad. This time you're sending traffic to your copy of this page. this page. This is your most important ad, so consider purchasing one or more of the one-time add-ons to make it stand out.

When you view the direct link for that last AdCard, you should see all your individual program ads immediately below that, so the first seven ads on the page are yours.

Step 5. Seven minutes.

Link Your Traffic Sites Back Here

Open each of the other traffic sites (all except AdCardz) and set the links to point to your copy of this page. If you need a banner, you can create your own if you want. Usually to save time I just use one from one of the other traffic sites.

Likewise, if you get ad banners, text ads or login ads in the account, make sure you point those back here as well. The ideas is to connect everything in a way that any signup in any program could follow you into all the other traffic sites as well.

Step 6. As Long As It Takes!

Prime The System

You only need to send a few hits to each AdCard link to activate the Ad, but we want to kick-start the viral effect. So you want to keep sending traffic until you get at least 10-20 new ads created, which basically creates 10-20 new viral legs promoting each of your ads.

You then want to send a heap of traffic to your copy of this page, to get the ball rolling. As the Viral AdCardz kick in and you start building some downlines through this page, you'll find it really does start to grow itself. The more you promote it now though, the faster/bigger it will grow.

How you do this is up to you. Both this page and the AdCardz pages work well with solos, safelists and traffic exchanges if that's your preference. You should always try to set up ongoing traffic though so your ads keep working when you stop... I'm thinking Banners, Social Media Posts, Blog Posts etc.

Work Smarter... Value Your Time!

I refuse to waste time earning single use credits on crap traffic sites that rarely deliver. My time is precious so I'd much rather spend a few dollars and move on to other things...

When I set up these traffic systems, I'll typically use this rotator to send 2,000-5,000 hits to each of my AdCardz pages, plus I'll send another 10-20K to this page.

For good measure I'll add banners for each of the traffic sites to my EzHitzs banner campaigns BUT... I'll always link them to this Viral Strategy Page so I might get multiple sign-ups per lead.

So can you see how powerfully all this connects?

In just a couple of hours we create a network of super-viral traffic sites that promote each other, so that every time a prospect enters your system, you generate multiple sign-ups and extend the viral impact of your efforts.

While everyone else is plugging away one program at a time, trying find people who aren't already Members, hoping to convince them to join...

We'll be promoting to literally ANYONE, offering both Existing Members and New Prospects an easy, repeatable way to promote multiple programs for traffic, leads and commissions...

And that past is the final step you should consider...

Most of these programs have upgrades on offer that are well worth considering.

When you upgrade you get paid a higher commission on your referrals... which is always nice... plus you usually get additional advertising options or credits. That extra advertising can really payoff in our system, so I encourage you to consider it as soon as you can afford it.

Don't leave it too long though or you'll be losing out on every sign-up!

Just Before You Get To Work...

This page is just one of several you get automatically when you join EzCryptos...

Sign up for free, register your accounts, save your user IDs, and these pages are all set up and ready to go, 100% plug-n-play.

So you get multiple stand-alone traffic machines PLUS you get a complete automated Crypto Generation System...

That's a whole other story though, so if you're serious about this, maybe check it out first and save yourself some time and effort...

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